Choosing a Collision Center: 4 Factors to Consider

Posted by Chris Medine on Oct 25, 2018 1:13:00 PM

what you should know about collision repair

Being in an accident is a frightening and traumatic experience.  While your vehicle may have sustained serious damage, there is far more involved that simply repairing your car.  There are insurance claims, police reports, and often doctor visits and medical bills.  All of these things require your time and attention to ensure that you are able to reach a positive outcome for yourself or your loved ones. 

During this time, one of the most important decisions you will make comes while choosing a collision center.  It’s an important decision and one that can have long-lasting implications, but during a time of such confusion, it can be difficult to know if you’ve chosen wisely.  Can I trust them?  Will they do a good job?  How long will it take?  These are all legitimate questions and ones that will likely run through your mind.  Hopefully, this is not a decision that you will have to make often, but when and if you do, there are some points to consider which can mean the difference between a quality repair and even more headache:

You Have the Right to Choose Your Collision Center

The choice of which auto body repair facility to use is too often dictated by the insurance provider.  Drivers don’t normally question the intentions or recommendations of their insurance company and will send their vehicle to whoever is recommended.  Yet, this often results in a less than quality repair.  Insurance companies have relationships with collision centers as part of their direct repair program (DRP) throughout the nation.  They send these shops repair work, and in turn, the shop helps them cut costs, often through the use of subpar parts.  It will typically be in the best interest of the driver to choose a shop with no DRP affiliation.  By doing so, they ensure that the collision center is responsible only to them and not to their insurance provider.

Auto Body Shops Will Provide Their Own Warranty

As a tactic to persuade drivers to choose a DRP facility, the insurance company may lead you to believe that they will not warranty your repair if done elsewhere.  The truth is that it is the collision center, not the insurance company, who will provide the warranty.  Look for a center that offers a lifetime written warranty and guarantees your satisfaction with their work.

Using Aftermarket vs. OEM Parts for Auto Body Repair

Whether your repair is done with aftermarket or original manufacturer (OEM) parts can have a huge impact on quality.  OEM parts are those that were originally made for your particular vehicle.  These parts will typically be higher quality and offer the ability to provide a seamless repair.  Because these parts are patented and not able to be exactly duplicated, aftermarket parts may be comparable, but will never be exactly the same.  The less than perfect fit and thinner metal used to manufacture these often equals a repair that is less safe.  For your protection on the road, always ensure that your vehicle is repaired using only OEM parts when available.

Auto Body Shop Reputation Matters

Collision centers who have built a strong reputation within your community have likely done so by adhering to the standards listed above.  They will pride themselves on putting the client first, using the highest quality materials, and backing up their work.  If you have consistently heard the name of a particular auto body repair facility as the best, it is likely a safe bet that you will be in good hands.

At Medines Collision Center in Baton Rouge, we strive to provide our clients with the highest levels of customer service and auto body repair.  Here you will find a friendly and accommodating staff, lifetime guarantees of our work, and the best possible parts available to fix your vehicle.  Most importantly, we answer only to you, our customer.  As a shop that does not participate in DRPs, our priority will never be anyone other than our clients.

If you have been involved in an accident and would like an estimate of repair, contact our office by clicking here or calling us directly at (225) 357-7983.  To learn more about your rights following an accident, click the image below, and download our free and informative guide.

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