Understanding Your 3 Options for Car Repair After an Accident

Posted by Chris Medine on Sep 19, 2019 11:43:07 AM

car repair optionsNowadays, with overwhelming options and confusing insurance jargon, people are easily guided in the wrong direction when it comes to who repairs their car.  You could be lending your vehicle into the hands of people who care more about the money in their pockets and less about your vehicle’s overall value and safety.  That’s where Medines comes in, as a trustworthy body shop looking out for your safety, and vehicle value.

After an accident, we understand that there are many decisions to be made, not the least of which is where your repairs should be performed.  You will have three options from which to choose, and selecting the right one is imperative to ensuring the repairs are done well and your car’s safety and value remain intact.

Using Your Insurer’s Direct Repair Provider for Auto Body Repairs

You are likely already aware of the fact that your insurer will recommend places to get your car repaired after the estimate is given.  These are known as direct repair providers, or DRPs. Typically, these shops have a mutually beneficial relationship with the insurance company in which the insurer directs customers to the shop, and in turn, the shop provides cost-cutting repairs.   Unfortunately, the parts used in these types of repairs can devalue your car, but even worse, they are likely a lot less safe than original manufacturer’s (OEM) parts.

Using a Multiple Shop Organization (MSO) for Auto Body Repairs

It may look easier since there are more of these places, but in many cases, body shops that are in a much larger organization aren’t actually looking for full customer satisfaction.  Instead, they are looking for the most profitable way to make money off of as many customers as possible. This can mean charging insane rates for products that should cost a lot cheaper! Typically, these shops have warehouses full of downgraded parts that resemble the real thing (aftermarket parts) but that are lacking in quality, integrity, and fit in comparison.

Using Medines Collision Center for Auto Body Repairs

At Medines, we make sure to get  parts from the manufacturer or the dealership directly and not a warehouse full of  cheap alternatives.  Medines invests in the continuation of vehicle repair training to ensure your vehicle and others are repaired the correct way, with correct parts, every time.  You won’t find a friendlier or more accommodating staff, not to mention lifetime guaranties on our work.  The best part is, we answer only to you, our customers.  So come on over, or give us a call!

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4 Steps to Choosing a Collision Center [Infographic]

Posted by Chris Medine on May 1, 2018 12:32:46 PM

As though there isn’t enough to be overwhelmed with following an auto accident, you quickly find yourself in the position of deciding which collision center should perform your repairs.  Chances are, you have many options.  You may have been given one name by your insurance company, another by a friend, and then there’s the one you are always seeing ads for.  So, which should you choose?  Before you decide, keep in mind that this will be one of, if not the, most important call you make following your accident.  Not only does your choice here determine the quality of work your car will receive, it could also be the difference between having an advocate in your corner versus the insurance company’s corner.  That’s why Medines is here to help you make the best decision for both you and your vehicle with these four important steps to choosing a collision center:


4 Steps to Choosing a Collision Center from Medines Collision Center



Know Your Right Guide from Medines Collision Center

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White House Direct Repair Petition Falls Short

Posted by Chris Medine on Mar 15, 2016 4:00:35 PM

Direct Repair PetitionNormally when you think of petitioning the White House, you imagine some lofty goal, or pie in the sky idealism attached to the petition. It can be about anything from the environment to gun control to international relations. Auto Parts and auto repair aren’t exactly “trending” when it comes to news stories, though "steering" remains a major problem; so it’s no wonder that a recent White House direct repair petition falls short. A very well meant petition trying to address enforcement of existing agreement falls short of its goal. The agreement was a 1963 consent decree by then Attorney General Robert Kennedy, which aimed to get rid of preferred body shops.

The petition was titled Enforce Safe Car Repairs To Save Lives. It read:

Many auto insurance companies force customers to take cars to insurance preferred body shops for repairs. By cutting corners & safety standards to save money, the driving public is at risk & the value of the customers’ cars are diminished. Repair shops performing proper repairs are having a hard time staying in business. In 1963, US Attorney General Robert Kennedy sued the ins. industry to prevent them from forcing body shops to cut corners at the risk to public safety. The 1963 Consent Decree was signed stopping the auto ins. industry from controlling body shop labor rates, the parts used to repair cars, and returning the independence of auto body shops back to themselves. We plead with this Administration to enforce the 1963 Consent Decree for the safety of the American driving public.

Anyone can petition the White House for anything, and the rules are rather simple. They ask that you search through existing petitions by subject first. If someone else has addressed your issue, simply sign theirs to avoid both redundancy and help saturation. If no one is yet asking what you are asking, go ahead and start a new petition. Once the petition is started, the petitioner has 30 days to round up 100,000 online signatures. In fact, they need at least 150 signatures for the petition to be publicly searchable. If 100,000 signatures are gathered, the White House then guarantees that the issue will receive some sort of hearing and the petitioner is contacted. If not, someone else can try again at a later date.

This effort, though righteous in cause, did not come anywhere close to the number of signatures needed. In fact, by the time the 30 days expired, it had less than 2.5% of what was needed. That is not to say that their efforts were wasted. Merely to say that if is worth bringing up once, it’s worth bringing up again. The number of people who still don't know their rights when they are in an accident is staggering.

know your rights guide

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WBRZ Highlights Baton Rouge Collision Center

Posted by Chris Medine on Jan 22, 2016 5:25:30 PM

WBRZ Highlights Collision Repair ShopAt some body shops, “original equipment manufactured parts” may be a foreign term but at one Baton Rouge Collision Center, it is standard operating procedure. Medines continues to lead the charge against aftermarket parts and substandard repair.

Two years ago, Louisiana’s Attorney General got involved in the fight against aftermarket parts. Last year, CNN shined a National light on the problem. But, too many insurance companies continue to cut corners, and motorists end up paying the price.

WBRZ recently covered a story at Medines that involved Progressive Insurance sending a motorist who had been in an accident to a shop that didn’t repair the vehicle to manufacturer standards. Noticing something was amiss, the owner brought it to Medines for a second look and that is where the story begins.

know your rights guide

 From the WBRZ story:

“At his body shop, Chris Medine can clearly see the problems plaguing the owner of a car he's repairing.  It's been repaired before, but not to manufacturer standards. That's why he's got the car, and is tasked with trying to fix another shop's mess. The driver of the car went to a body shop she was referred to by her insurance company, Progressive. Once the car was fixed, Medine said the driver's problems cropped up. She then took the car to Medine's Collision Center. When Chris Medine dismantled the entire back end of the car, he uncovered it wasn't fixed right.  He's in the process of re-repairing the repair.

View the story: Local body shop sees increase in work from 'direct repair shops'


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8 Important Steps to Take Following a Baton Rouge Auto Accident [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Chris Medine on May 30, 2013 3:13:00 PM

after an auto accidentAn auto accident can be a frustrating and dangerous experience. It often leaves drivers shaken and unable to think clearly.  Critical steps may be missed, leading to injury and less than ideal care for your damaged vehicle.  To ensure the safety of all those involved and to take proper care of your car, truck, or SUV,  there are 8 steps you should take immediately:

  1. Call 911 - The police will need to file a report, and make sure there are no serious injuries. Never skip this step, no matter what the other involved party may say. To get proper coverage, police reports must be filed.
  2. Call Your Family - Your loved ones may be concerned if you are late, or they haven't heard from you.  They need to know that all is well. You may also need someone to pick you up if your car is damaged enough to require towing to a local auto body and collision repair service company.
  3. Take Pictures Of Everything - Pull out your phone and take pictures of damage to both vehicles. Also, take a picture of the other person's insurance card and drivers license. By simply writing down their information, you run the risk of committing an error.  Taking a quick photo will ensure that you have the correct information when you need it.
  4. Call Your Insurance Carrier - You need to contact your insurance carrier no matter the extent of damage. In some cases, the damage may not look bad on the outside but has caused frame damage or other unseen problems. Your insurance agent can explain the steps you need to take in order to file a claim and receive compensation for the insurance you pay premiums on. 
  5. Move Your Car To A Safe Area - If your car is still operational, it is a good idea to move your vehicle to a safer area, such as a parking lot away from the roadway and other traffic. Safety should always be a top priority.
  6. Contact An Auto Body And Collision Repair Service - You will need someone who can give you a free estimate and get to work immediately fixing the damage your automobile suffered. Here in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas, Medines Collision Center is a top-of-the-line auto body and collision repair service center. You can easily reach us at 225-357-7983, and we will gladly guide you on your next step.
  7. Call A Tow Truck Your chosen collision repair center should be able to provide some suggestions on a reliable and economic company to tow your vehicle to their location. 
  8. Get A Rental Car - Depending on the extent of damage to your vehicle, you may need to rent reliable transportation while the experts at Medines put your car back into roadworthy condition. If you ask the collision expert, they may just be able to suggest preferred car rental services in the area.steps to take following a crash
At Medines, we understand the aftermath of an auto accident and what a difficult time it can be.  We want to help by making the process as painless and simple as possible.  If you are involved in an accident, gain some peace of mind by giving Medines a call at 225-357-7983.  We can give you a free estimate and assessment to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

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Thank You From Your Baton Rouge Auto Collision Repair Company

Posted by Chris Medine on Apr 23, 2013 2:39:00 PM

Auto Collision Baton Rouge

If you have ever visited Medines Collision Center, you know we try to care for each person who picks up the phone or walks through our door. Usually a smile or a "thank you" from a happy, satisfied customer is enough to keep us going. However, when we read a Google reviews like the one created the other day; it warms our heart and makes all we do worth it. I would like to share the review with you to lend perspective from one of our customers in Baton Rouge.

“Medines Collision Center is the best experience I have ever had with a body repair shop! Just after buying my Honda Civic, I accidentally tore off my front bumper trying to park in a busy parking lot. I was so frustrated, and wasn't sure what to do. After spending my savings on a new car, I now had a detached bumper. After months of trying to zip tie it together, I resorted to gorilla glue and black duct tape to keep the bumper attached to the car.

Although a temporary fix, my car looked ridiculous. Too embarrassed to park near the front of my office, I would park down the street. After moving to Baton Rouge, a great new friend suggested Medines Collision Center.

Not only did Medines perform a thorough inspection of my car; they provided me with an estimate that was far lower than expected. The owners explored all options to ensure that the estimate was within a reasonable range. Everyone at Medines Collision Center was open, honest, and forthright. Because a brand new bumper was completely out of my price range, Medines Collision looked for alternate options for me. After discovering a refurbished bumper, they presented this alternative option to me. By going the extra mile, Medines Collision Center ended up saving me hundreds of dollars. To add to the convenience, Medines Collision Center also had a spacious waiting room that felt like home. I was lucky enough that I really never had to use it, because it really only took them one day to have my car ready.

Dominica was awesome the whole way through! She kept in contact with me and informed me of any changes. When I arrived at Medines Collision Center to pick up my car, I could not believe my eyes. My car looked better than the day I bought it. Not only did they fix my bumper, but they also waxed the outside of my car, cleaned the inside windows, and vacuumed my rugs. Now, that is an example of going the extra mile.

On my way home from Medines Collision Center, I felt so proud of my newly fixed car. I was so excited about taking my car to Medines Collision Center that I have already started to recommend them to everyone I know. I could not have been happier with the customer service that Medine's Collision Center provided me. In the unfortunate event of another auto accident, I will be sure to take my car to Medines Collision Center immediately. Thank you so much Medines Collision Center, I am in love with my car again!”

We would like to thank Zach for this wonderful testimony regarding our services at Medines Collision Center. Additionally, we would like to thank all of our loyal clients who have supported us through the years. As a collision center in Baton Rouge, we know how stressful a car accident can be. This is why we try to treat everyone like a friend and help you through the entire body repair process. We are often called auto accident advisers for our attention to detail from the beginning to the end of the auto accident experience.

Until we speak again, take control and choose Medines Collision Center!


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Car Totaled? Five Steps To Get You Back On The Streets of Baton Rouge

Posted by Chris Medine on Apr 2, 2013 3:55:00 PM

auto collision repair baton rougeSo you think your car has just been totaled? Now what? Are you just not sure what to do next? What is the process? Through the years, Medines Collision Center has developed steps that should guide you through the process, and will enable you to be back on the streets of Baton Rouge as soon as possible. 

After your accident, normal precautions must be made such as; checking for injuries, dialing 911, looking for witnesses, calling your insurance company. One thing Medines suggests is to take pictures of everything. It’s assumed that you should take pictures of the damage, the accident and the injuries, but also take pictures of their license plate, driver’s license, and insurance card.

Mistakes happen, just writing their information down might lead to a costly error. Pulling out your camera phone and snapping a quick photo helps prevent numerical or alphabetical errors from occurring while working through your accident case. It's just a good idea to keep yourself protected.

Now it's time to get the insurance process started. At first glance, the car may appear like it will never drive the streets of Baton Rouge again. But, how do you find out and who can help?

Take Control, Choose Medines 

Have your car towed to Medines Collision Center. There it will be inspected for the severity of the damage and all information will be relayed to you and the insurance agency. Medines will complete a thorough inspection and administer a repair estimation report before moving forward. If the report comes back a total loss, Medines can provide you with a NADA (National Auto Dealers Association) value of your vehicle report. The insurance company might not want to use these figures, but the amount they offer is “negotiable.” Depending on the situation, it's often suggested that you get within a few hundred dollars of the bottom line figure, if possible.

Personal Items

Remove any personal items from inside the vehicle. You can also grab your license plate.  Medine’s will have you sign a release form in order for the insurance company to pick up your vehicle.  You do not want to sign the release form until you are satisfied with the outcome of the negotiations and ready to release your vehicle to the insurance company. 

3. Insurance - It is very important that you get all of your negotiations with the insurance company in WRITING. You do want the negotiations to drag on any longer than needed. However, you do not want to release your car until the negotiations with the insurance company are finalized. Once this process takes place, have the final numbers sent via, email, fax, or mail.


Take the license plate to the DMV or a notary for handling. The DMV is free, usually a notary will charge around $5.00 to process it for you. You will need this to be done before you drop insurance on your vehicle. If you drop insurance before you turn in your license plate, the DMV will find you $75.00 after ten days.

Follow up with Medines 

Your car may need to be stored, and Medines is licensed to do so. You are not responsible for the tow, storage, and related fees. Do not let the insurance company tell you otherwise. The insurance company will come and pick up the car. However, make sure your personal items are back in your possession before they do so.

Medines Collison Center has been aiding drivers get back on the road for decades. We are here to help guide you through your accident no matter the severity. If you have just been in an accident and are looking for help with your case call 225-357-7983 or download more information about why you should Take Control an Choose Medines Collision Center.

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Wrex Doesn't Believe In the Right To Choose A Collision Center

Posted by Chris Medine on Dec 18, 2012 9:15:00 AM

Wrex the Medines Collision Center Elf

On Monday morning in Louisiana we awoke and found our elf friend, Wrex, sitting on the back of a bumper ready to humor us with a joke.  The humor that he decided to share was way too early for anyone in shop to care

As time drew on and his laughter went away, the topic of the consumer's "right to choose" came into play. Remember, oh Wrexy boy arrives every morning with much fuel so it is not too hard to figure out why he has such the urge to duel

So, as he sat on the bumper with such pride, we knew the basis of our argument would be the winning side. Wrex, Wrex, Wrex, our friend, we will not let our customers be fooled again.

Our consumers are far to smart to know that when in an accident, the insurance company cannot tell the them where to go. It is the right of the customer to choose their collision shop, even when the insurance company tells us where our rights stop. When we bring this point up, our Wrex elf starts to sing the blues, but he knows deep down inside, it is the consumer's right to choose.

So, off to the Insurance lord Wrex will go.  But, he will return tomorrow loaded with a glow. Worry not, my friends, Wrex will come to find, that the team at Medines Collision Center only has one thing in mind. The Rights of our Customers is the centerpiece of our day, and Wrex will continue to fight until he learns the hard way.

Tomorrow will be another battle with our friend Wrex.  A constant battle he may be, but we know the battle will be worth it when we make your life a little less complex.

Stay tuned for our continued battle with WREX, The Insurance Elf. 

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A Christmas Elf Visits A Collision Center in Baton Rouge

Posted by Chris Medine on Dec 17, 2012 10:50:00 AM

Chris Medine at Medines Collision Center

Have you ever wondered how the insurance company could know, if you have chosen the right place for your collision REPAIR? It's been a mystery for years and not too many people know that it is totally acceptable to tell the insurance company that you would like to take your company THERE.

Meet our elf, Wrex, who brings with him the holiday CHEER but he has consumed a bit too much of the insurance company Kool-Aid, so he might be a bit impaired. The insurance company wants to keep Wrex a bit brainwashed by providing him with the poor mans version of BEER.

Wrex has many theories as they relate to body shop repair bt our resident shop owner, Chris Medine, has the tools and intelligence to set him straight, even it means a heated BATTLE. Wreck Check and Diminished Value will all be twisted and turned. And, when the sun goes down, and our elf friend will run back to the insurance company to TATTLE.

In the picture above, Chris and Wrex look so quaint but, don't be fooled, as the peaceful vibe will be a short lived FEELING. Each night Wrex reports back to his Insurance lord for a re-fill on his toxic Kool-Aid.  And each morning, Wrex will come back with a new insurance rumor that will cause Chris to hit the CEILING.

But auto owners fear not. We have our sights on changing the mind set of our Elf friend, WREX.  And, now through Christmas day, we will report the status of our friendship with our elf to you and hopefully, with much effort and progress, we will clarify the terms and rules of the insurance company and it will make this all a little less COMPLEX!

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The Olympic Athletes of Collision Repair In Baton Rouge

Posted by Chris Medine on Aug 7, 2012 10:04:00 AM

Olympic Athletes of Collision Repair

The 2012 Olympic Games are well under way and we are amazed at the skills and talents displayed during these two weeks of athletic competition. Although a majority of these sports do not draw regular attention in the states, sports like swimming, track & field, and gymnastics capture the attention of a large majority of the American nation during this small period of time. Despite the vast differences in the sports, the Olympic athletes all share some of the same personal qualities that make them successful athletes. The qualities developed by these Olympic athletes were earned and not given. In another words, these athletes have worked extremely hard at honing their skills in their particular sports, and were not simply born with this talent.

Some of the common qualities of these Olympic athletes are dedication, visualization, goal setting, self-belief, and a healthy competitive spirit.  These are the same ingredients that are present in a quality collision center. In the collision repair business, it takes dedication in learning your trade. Many people give up before they are close to perfecting the skills necessary to rebuild a vehicle.  In order to become the very best in the collision repair business, one must be dedicated to becoming a master in the craft. 

Visualization is an amazing attribute of all great collision centers.  The ability to sense or see what has happened to a damaged vehicle is a gift that is only acquired over time.

One has to be goal oriented to be a great collision center in Baton Rouge.  No one can simply "wing" it when it comes to vehicle repair. Setting the appropriate plan in place for the proper repair of each vehicle is key in the successful return of a owners vehicle.

Self-belief is certainly important in our profession of collision repair.  When assessing a wrecked vehicle, you must have belief and confidence in your abilities in order to make the appropriate analysis.  Any self-doubt will make you second guess yourself and will be reflected in the final product. 

 Finally there is nothing wrong with a little friendly and healthy competition.  It is what drives you to become your best.  We certainly know that there are other great Collision Centers in Baton Rouge, so we want to always stay razor sharp when it comes to our trade.

So, we would like to think we are the the olympic athletes of collison repair in Baton Rouge.  We may not run a four minute mile or swim like Michael Phelps, but we sure are confident in our abilities to analyze and repair a damaged or wrecked vehicle. So, if you are in the unfortunate event of an auto accident, take control and choose Medines Collision Center.

Ensuring the proper repair of your damaged vehicle is an important step to putting this auto accident behind you. At Medines Collision Center, repairing your car the right way is like singing the national anthem with a gold medal in our hand!

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