Has Your Vehicle Been Damaged by Hail in Baton Rouge?

Posted by Chris Medine on Apr 10, 2014 12:21:00 PM

hail damage baton rouge

Sunday's storm was a doozy, and no one is aware of this more than those folks whose vehicles were damaged by hail. After taking a beating, your car or truck may be covered in dents and have cracked windows or mirrors. But what are a few dings, anyway? If you're okay with the look of your vehicle, do you really need to get it repaired? Actually, yes! Even if you believe that the damage is merely cosmetic, it's wise to have the vehicle looked over by a professional. Seemingly small problems can be much larger than they seem, and the sooner that the issues are addressed, the better off you'll be. 

Still, you shouldn't take your car or truck just anywhere for a once-over. Unless your body shop has your best interest in mind, you could walk away with an inadequate assessment, and ultimately, low-quality repairs. Do you know how to go about having your vehicle's hail damage evaluated, and what to look for in a repair center? This guide will clarify why repairs to hail damage are necessary, and will walk you through the steps of getting it done.   

Hail Damage: It's About More Than Mere Appearances  

For obvious reasons, if your front or rear windshield, side windows, or mirrors have been cracked or otherwise damaged by hail, it's imperative (from both a safety and legal standpoint) that you seek out repairs immediately.   As for those seemingly harmless dents? There's more than meets the eye. If, for example, the hail has managed to break your vehicle's paint, don't look the other way. Over time, the paint will begin to crack and peel off. Ultimately, this will lead to rusting, and will compromise the structural integrity and safety of the car or truck.   Even shallower dings can put a dent in your wallet over the long run. Hail damage that goes unaddressed and isn't repaired will significantly decrease the monetary value of your vehicle. And should you ever wish to switch to a new insurance provider, best of luck to you! After assessing your vehicle, the hail damage will be noticed and could raise your premiums, or the amount could be deducted from future claims.  

Know Your Rights  

Despite what your insurance provider might try to tell you, you are not obligated to have your vehicle assessed or fixed by a direct repair shop of their choosing. In many cases, insurers have set agreements with specific body shops for faster repairs and lower costs to the insurance agency. Unfortunately, these auto technicians may cut corners or use low-grade parts and equipment in order to guarantee that they make a profit. For this reason, it's better to choose your own body shop for an unbiased opinion, and fair costs for quality service.

Choosing a Body Shop 

If you don't already have a body shop that you regularly entrust your vehicle to, it's smart to start looking for one right away. Fortunately, pinpointing a reliable repair company isn't as difficult as it may initially seem. There are a few key things that you should look for from your shop:

  • Should have uni-body repair equipment
  • All vehicle repair technicians should be qualified and certified
  • Any repairs made to your vehicle should make use of genuine manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts. Not only does this guarantee optimal safety and functionality, but it's the only way to truly restore your car or truck to pre-accident condition.
  • Should offer repair warranties

Treat your vehicle with the TLC it deserves. Allowing a reliable body shop to promptly address hail damage will benefit you now and in the future.  If your vehicle has storm damage, contact Medine’s Collision Center for a free estimate of your repair.  Simply click here, or call us directly at (225) 357-7983.

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Storm Damage To Vehicle in Baton Rouge

Posted by Chris Medine on Sep 4, 2012 9:33:00 AM

Storm Damage To Vehicle in Baton Rouge

In South Louisiana, severe storms are a way of life. When hurricanes, tropical storms or tornadoes hit our region, it can be a very stressful and overwhelming time. Many times the home is the main property that is damaged during these storms.  However, there are times when you suffer storm damage to your vehicle in Baton Rouge and you must take the necessary steps to ensure that you have it repaired. 

The most unsuspecting victim of a severe storm can be your vehicle. Sometimes, storm damage can take its toll on a vehicle. During the heavy storms of the Gulf Coast, the wind and rain can cause trees and other debris to fall and sometimes  it will land on a parked vehicle. Oftentimes, this damage is not obvious to the naked eye but once a closer look takes place, you will discover the storm damage that has been inflicted on your car.

When it comes to insurance related issues, hurricane damage does not fall under your collision coverage. When you incur hurricane damage to your car due to non-collision issues like flooding, hail, and other natural occurrences, your insurance coverage will fall into the comprehensive category. Certainly every insurance policy is different.  So, if you suspect your car has suffered damage from a hurricane or strong storm, then we encourage you to contact us at Medines Collision Center

At Medines Collision Center, we are your auto accident advisers. If you have suffered vehicle damage due to the storm, let us work with your insurance company to ensure that your vehicle is repaired the right way the first time.  As we always say, Take Control, Choose Medines.

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