Post-Repair Inspection of Your Vehicle: What to Look for

Posted by Chris Medine on Jun 14, 2018 12:13:33 PM

Mechanic showing the car wheel to a client in a garageThe time after a car accident can be stressful. Between dealing with insurance companies, possible injuries, rental agencies, and many more small factors, getting your car back from the collision center can be a huge sigh of relief and feel like the end of this hectic chapter.

Although a good repair shop would ensure that your vehicle is in like-new condition, it is still important that you perform an inspection before driving off. This will protect you and your vehicle from any potential damages and loss caused by a shop that has cut corners or that is passing off poorly performed repairs.

What You Should Look for In Your Post-Repair Inspection?

One of the most important steps you can take is to be open and clear with the body shop about which repairs are to be made. Knowing what work should be done beforehand, better equips you to ensure it has been completed to your standards after the fact.  That being said, there are still a few specific areas to which you should pay close attention when looking over your newly repaired vehicle.

First, you should conduct a basic visual examination of your car. Check to make sure that paint matches in both texture and color to the rest of your car, and ensure that your car is clean. It is standard practice that the shop will wash, vacuum and clean the interior of your vehicle upon returning it to you.

The next thing you should look at is to see that the airbags were replaced and that the alignment is placed evenly. Most cars have a light that indicates if your airbag is in properly and ready to deploy in the event of impact. Alignment is another common issue. Drive your car around the lot, or take it for a short test drive around the collision shop. If your car is pulling in a way that it was not before, the shop may not have properly realigned your tires, which will cause uneven wear.

You should also check for new welds in an area that you never noticed before. In the past, some shops have participated in a practice called clipping. This is when an entire portion of another, similar model of car is used to replace the damaged portion of another. This is not as common now, but it is very dangerous. It can cause structural flaws in your car that make it very dangerous to drive.

Torque can be another problem when repairs are made. Make sure that any bolts or screws that were replaced are not stripped and were torqued to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Bolts applied too loosely can cause parts to come off too easily, while too tightly could cause the bolts to be stripped if they need to come out again.

Lastly, check to see that original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts were used for replacements wherever possible. Medines only uses OEM parts when available; however, some shops will try to pass aftermarket or used parts on your repair to cut costs. Unless you have specified that you would like to use aftermarket parts for your repairs, ask to see the parts invoice and make sure that only OEM parts were used in replacements.

Using Wreck Check to Diagnose Repair Problems

While following the above steps is important, it can be difficult for anyone who is not a professional auto body repair technician to determine whether or not their repairs have been done properly.  Fortunately, there is another valuable tool at your disposal in the form of a Wreck Check Car Scan.  These scans use 3D dimensioning equipment to help technicians review all aspects of your vehicle and its repair, ensuring that it was restored to the manufacturer’s specifications.  In Baton Rouge, Medines is the one and only certified Wreck Check Car Scan Center, helping drivers get back on the road with the peace of mind that their vehicle is structurally sound.

For quality repairs or even assessments of repairs performed by others, you can always count on Medines Collision Center to deliver both excellence and honesty. Click below to request a free estimate, or call us today. 

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Reasons For A Wreck Check Car Scan After A Baton Rouge Accident

Posted by Chris Medine on Feb 22, 2017 2:42:18 PM

Wreck Check in Baton RougeAfter an accident, you need a number of things to start happening quickly. You need the insurance company to move on your claim and you need the repair shop to move quickly on fixing your car. But, if the repair shop has speed as their first priority, it leaves open the possibility that something can be missed or done improperly while trying to get your vehicle back to you.

This is especially true when it comes to direct repair shops. Since a direct repair shop has an agreement with the insurance company, their first loyalty is to that agreement. This means if the insurance company says they should use aftermarket parts, they use aftermarket parts. This means if they say a part can be repaired instead of replaced, that is what they will do. But, this is rarely in the best interest of the vehicle’s owner, and can even lead to further problems down the road. The goal of any repair shop should be to restore the vehicle to its pre-loss condition. This means that everything from the looks to the functionality to the safety, and even the value of the car need to be restored to where it was before the accident. This also means, that if anything is not returned to pre-loss condition, the job was not done right. In situations where this happens, the car owner may discover a number of reasons for a Wreck Check Car Scan after a Baton Rouge accident.

A New Sound Appears After The Accident

Whether it be a clicking, ticking, squeaking, squealing, or anything else that you didn’t hear before the accident; every new noise is worth exploring. There could be a whistle from an improperly aligned fender. There could be something in the wheel well that keeps coming in contact with the tire. There could even be something loose and rattling all the way down to the chassis. The only way to know if the new noise you are hearing is detrimental to the safety and performance of your car is to get someone else to look at it.

There Is Something Different About The Way The Car Drives

The most common problem affecting the performance of a vehicle after an accident is that the alignment is thrown off. Your car’s suspension system has a lot of working parts, and if they all aren’t working together just right, it can cause your car to pull to one side or the other. A few other problems that often arise are that the vehicle shakes at certain speeds, steering gets tougher, and sometimes drivers notice a smell when they shut turn off their car, or a puddle underneath it as a result of a leaking fluid. All of these things are possibly related to poor post-accident repairs and can be properly diagnosed with a Wreck Check Car Scan.

Your Car Just Doesn’t “Feel Right”

So you get your car back after an accident, and even though you can’t specify what is wrong with it, you know it isn’t driving exactly the way it did before the accident. In other words, it just doesn’t “feel right.” This is not unexpected, and in fact, is quite common. You definitely don’t want to continue driving in a car you worry about, and you also don’t want to find out the hard way that your worry was warranted. So, even if you can’t explain what you think is wrong, a Wreck Check Car Scan is a good idea for peace of mind.

The reason returning your vehicle to pre-loss condition is so important is two-fold. First, you want to minimize repair related diminished value so that when you go to sell or trade your car in, it is worth as much as it should be. But more important than that, every time you sit behind the wheel, commute to work, or take your kids to soccer practice, you should feel one hundred percent confident that your vehicle is as reliable as it was before the accident. As Baton Rouge’s only certified Wreck Check Car Scan Center, we at Medine’s can help instill that confidence. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact our team at Medine’s Collision Center today.

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4 Tips To Get An Accurate Post Accident Repair Estimate In Baton Rouge

Posted by Chris Medine on Feb 13, 2017 9:19:32 AM

medine shop estimate.jpegYou’ve probably heard the expression, “good work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t good.” Well when it comes to post accident repair, that phrase is true for a number of reasons. First of all, you need to make sure that all the work your car needs is actually being done. Secondly, that work needs to be done using parts that are up to par. When you are in a car accident, it is very easy to fall victim to charges you didn’t expect, or substandard work leading to future problems. But, if you ask the right questions, and stand your ground, you can walk away knowing that what you are quoted is what is needed. No more. No less. To help you get the service you need, here are 4 tips to get an accurate post accident repair estimate in Baton Rouge.

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Use A Shop You Trust

After an accident, one of the first things that can happen is, your insurance company may try to steer you to a particular repair shop. Shops like this are called direct repair shops and they have agreements with the insurance companies that are mutually beneficial to both the shop and the insurance company. Unfortunately, they aren’t as beneficial to the customer as these shops almost always use aftermarket parts, minimize the amount of work they have to do, or cut corners from time to time.

Make Sure You Speak For Yourself When Getting An Estimate

Do not let the insurance company speak for you. Even if you don’t know much about cars and feel you can’t fully explain everything that is wrong, do your best to describe the problems directly to your mechanic. If you let the insurance company speak on your behalf, things can get overlooked or missed.

Demand OEM Parts For Your Repairs

Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M.) parts are absolutely essential to having your car repaired the right way. If a shop is telling you that aftermarket parts are the same quality at a cheaper price, they are not being honest with you. Aftermarket parts were not made specifically for your vehicle. Because of that, they don’t provide the perfect fit that your vehicle needs when being repaired.

Question A “Low Ball” Estimate

If you receive an estimate that seems too good to be true, it probably is. This could mean needed repairs are being overlooked, or it could mean that the repair shop knows of further work that needs to be done, but is “sandbagging” until they have your business. It is important to remember that cheaper isn’t necessarily better. The most important thing when it comes to having your car repaired after an accident is having it done right the first time. A low ball estimate that ends up with you having to return for further repairs down the road ends up costing you more. Likewise, if the repair shop does a sloppy or substandard job, the costs down the line will escalate as well.

The most important thing to remember is that you are in control. You have the right to choose where your vehicle is repaired. The insurance company does not pick the shop, nor do they control the prices. What they do, by contract is pay for the necessary repairs after an accident. If you have any questions about an estimate you have received, please contact our team at Medine’s and we will be happy to walk you through it to make sure it is accurate and you understand every procedure.


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Do It Yourself Bumper Repair In Baton Rouge

Posted by Chris Medine on Oct 25, 2016 1:07:11 PM

bumper damage in LouisianaUsually, when you are in an accident, there are numerous steps you have to take to get your car back on the road and your life back in order. But there are also times where no one is hurt and damage is minimal. When you are in one of these accidents, it is very easy to leave the insurance companies out of the process and handle things on your own. But what about the damage to your vehicle? Even if everything appears cosmetic and superficial, is there ever a good time for do it yourself bumper repair?

The thing about going the DIY route for minor repairs is that just going on looks doesn’t always give you the full story. Sure, there are kits that make it easy to fix a bumper or pull out a dent, and these would appear to save you time and money by not hiring a professional, but what about potential damage you can’t see?

Cars are built with certain safety redundancies that we don’t see with the naked eye. They have crumple zones that are designed to absorb impact in a way that protects the passengers. They are part of the framework of your car. Even if the accident didn’t “feel like” anything happened, you want the peace of mind of knowing that everything is still intact. In other words, it’s not the last accident you have to worry about; it’s the next one.

It is at a time like this when the Wreck Check Car Scan at Medine’s Collision Center becomes a very valuable asset. The one thing that you won’t find in a do it yourself kit is peace of mind. That comes from the thorough inspection you get from Wreck Check, and Medine’s has the only certified Wreck Check Car Scan Center in the state of Louisiana.

The bottom line is the damage can’t see can still hurt you. So if you were in a minor accident and decided to tackle the repairs yourself, or if you went to another shop and don’t feel confident with the job they did, you can still get the peace of mind you need to drive with confidence. If you have any questions about Wreck Check, or want to schedule an appointment, give us a call at Medine’s and we’ll be happy to help.

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