What Does Pre-Loss Condition Mean?

Posted by Chris Medine on Jan 30, 2018 2:25:00 PM

pre-loss condition

If you've been in an auto accident, you may have already heard the term "pre-loss condition" from your insurance provider or collision center.  But, what exactly does that mean?

Pre-loss condition is supposed to mean, “after an accident, your automobile will be repaired as close as possible to the condition your vehicle was in the instant prior to an accident."  You are entitled to be "made whole" by restoring your vehicle to its pre-loss condition or by compensating you if that cannot be accomplished. The insurance company is not obligated to make it better than it was.  However, they can not force you to accept anything less.  

What Factors Determine a Vehicle's Pre-Loss Condition?


Are all of the crucial and key functions of your car working? This includes things like the systems that relate to stopping, steering, and handling of the subject vehicle. 


All areas of your vehicle should be restored to at least the  same appearance of your automobile just previous to the accident. 


This is the most important category, but the one that is most ignored or overlooked. Who among us would know how to determine whether or not the SRS systems (which control airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioners, etc.) have been set correctly, or whether or not the vehicle has been restored to withstand a subsequent impact and protect the occupants as well as an undamaged vehicle?


Has the repair and restoration of your vehicle been rebuilt to a value equal to the value of your vehicle just before impact?

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