OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

There are a lot of things to consider when you need to have your car repaired.  From dealing with the insurance companies, to what collision center to choose, the last thing on your mind is likely what kind of parts are being used to replace and repair your vehicle.  However, aside from the experience, expertise, and reputation of your repair shop, the type of parts that they use can influence the success of your repair the most.  While your vehicle has many different parts, and the ones being replaced will depend on the type of damage you experienced, overall automotive parts can be put into two categories; OEM and aftermarket.

What are OEM Parts?

OEM parts, or original equipment manufacturer parts, are automotive parts that are made specifically to replace the original product.  While OEM parts aren’t necessarily made by the original manufacturer, they are designed and built to the same specifications.   

What are Aftermarket Parts?

Aftermarket parts are replacement parts that are intended to only be similar to the quality and design of the original parts.  Many different companies make many different aftermarket parts for many different types of vehicles. 

What are the Benefits of OEM Parts?

OEM parts offered enhanced quality over aftermarket parts because they were made distinctly to replace and perform as the original part.  Because these replacement parts are specifically made for certain makes and models, you will have fewer part numbers and variations to sift through, making OEM parts easier and less complicated to find.  OEM parts are also backed by a warranty.  This can give you the peace of mind that should anything go wrong with part, it will be covered.

What are the Cons of Aftermarket Parts?

While aftermarkets tend to be cheaper because of greater and more varied supply, there are also several drawbacks when it comes to the overall value, quality, and safety of your vehicle.  With aftermarket you get you pay for.  While they make perform as intended, there is no guarantee.  Quality can vary greatly between brands and between products.  Aftermarket parts are also not backed by a warranty. 

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