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After an accident, deciding who you will trust to provide a fair and honest assessment and repair of your vehicle is among your most critical decisions.  Far too often, policyholders are persuaded by their insurance provider to choose a direct repair facility.  These shops are beholden to your insurance company and have agreements in place to keep their costs low.  This means that the quality of your repair may suffer as a result.

Medine’s Collision Center has spent decades serving the Baton Rouge area with the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction.  Our team is always honest and forthcoming, willing to help you throughout the duration of the repair process to ensure your satisfaction.  At Medine’s we answer to the customer, not their insurance company.

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An auto accident is a serious and scary experience. There are a lot of variables, and you have a lot of important decisions to make about getting your vehicle repaired. It’s essential to understand the process and what steps you need to take to get back on the road. One of the most critical decisions you’ll make is where to take your vehicle to be repaired. Here is everything you need to know about the collision repair process

What Happens After an Auto Accident?

After you're in a collision, you should make sure that everyone involved is okay. Then you should call the police and your insurance company. Never admit fault and explain exactly what happened. The next big decision will be where to bring your vehicle for repair.

What are the Different Kinds of Collision Repair Shops?

When it comes to auto collision repair facilities, you have two choices. Your insurance company’s preferred shop and an independent repair center.  

What is a Direct Repair Facility?

A direct repair facility has a partnership with an insurance company. If it’s recommended that you bring your vehicle there after an accident, they have a relationship with your insurance company. 

This also means that they are encouraged to do what is best for the insurance company, not for you.    

What is an Independent Repair Facility?

An independent repair is not aligned with any insurance company. This means that they have their customers’ best interests at heart. 

Instead of trying to save an insurance company money, they can make the best possible recommendation and perform the highest quality repair.  

Are you Allowed to Choose Which Repair Shop You Use?

It can be easy to be persuaded by your insurance company to go to their preferred shop. However, it is your right to choose where your car is repaired. This is important to remember. Because it is in your or the other driver’s insurance’s best interest to have you go to their preferred facility, they’ll provide reasons for why you should go to them. Remember that an independent shop is motivated by providing the best service for you, not the insurance company. The decision on where to bring your vehicle is always yours.

Why Should You Choose an Independent Collision Center?

The reason you should choose an independent collision center is because they want to provide the best possible repair for you. They are not motivated by a relationship with an insurance company. 

You can have the peace of mind that you are getting the best recommendation and repair possible. 

What Happens After You Select a Collision Repair Shop?

Once you decide which collision center to have your vehicle delivered to, the team there will assess the damage, recommend the appropriate repair and offer an estimate

Then, depending on the responsible insurance company’s obligation, either your insurance or the offending party’s insurance will send an adjuster to determine the damage. Based upon the collision center’s estimate and the adjuster’s findings, you’ll receive a decision about the repair.  

What Does it Mean if Your Car is Totaled?

If your vehicle is “totaled” it is considered a total loss by the insurance company. 

This means that cost of repair exceeds the value, or a percentage of the value of the vehicle. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your car is completely destroyed or even undrivable. It simply doesn’t make financial sense to pay for such a significant repair in relation to the value of the vehicle. When this happens, the insurance company pays you for the value of your vehicle.

What Are Your Options if Your Car is Declared Totaled?

You do have a few options if your vehicle is declared a total loss. You can take it to a different shop for a second opinion. 

You can also “buy back” your vehicle from the insurance company. While this term may sound confusing, it’s fairly simple. When your car is totaled, the insurance company will pay you for its value. If you opt to buy it back, you can retain your vehicle, and the insurance company will typically pay you the difference between what it is worth and what they could receive at a salvage auction. So you will still receive a check and keep your car.

Are Warranties Available for Collision Repair Work?

Trustworthy, reputable, quality collision centers will stand behind their work by offering a warranty. At Medine’s Collision Center, we offer a lifetime warranty on all bodywork, a written warranty on refinish work, and a written warranty on corrosion protection

Insurance companies will claim that if you do not use one of their recommended shops that they cannot guarantee the work or the parts. The fact is that it is the repair shop’s responsibility to guarantee their work. 

So rest assured that attaining peace of mind for your repair rests with the shop you choose, not the insurance company.

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75% of accident vehicles are improperly repaired by collision centers.  Many repair facilities are guilty of using aftermarket parts to complete the repairs. If you've been in an accident and want to ensure the integrity of the car repair, schedule a post-accident repair appointment today. 

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