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  • Auto Body On-Line This site serves as an auto-body portal, linking you to various services and sites related to the industry. It includes a bulletin board where you can post questions and read the questions and answers from others.
  • Auto Body Repair News is an on-line magazine related to the auto body repair business.
  • ICAN 2000 (Insurance Consumer Advocate Network) In 1996, a retired multi-line adjuster with over 30 years experience began the I-Can effort to provide Honest Answers and Good Advice that has empowered 1,000s of consumers. I-Can, with the support of our Local Help Advocates and working in concert with professional and trade associations / coalitions, has become an effective force in the struggle to improve the way Auto - HomeOwner insurance companies treat consumers.
  • Louisiana Department of Insurance
  • The Plan provides you with nine direct benefits and countless indirect features so that you can efficiently manage your time and money. The Plan is guaranteed to reduce your stress level and save you time, money and energy.
  • Wreck Check is a corporation committed to consumer protection through information. The Wreck Check philosophy is to provide the consuming public and collision repair industry with the tools required to navigate the maze of collision repair and loss recovery. Providing a credible alternative information source, post repair inspections and experts to review damaged and repaired vehicles will save lives and protect families from monetary loss. Wreck Check is determined to be your consumer protection headquarters

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75% of accident vehicles are improperly repaired by collision centers.  Many repair facilities are guilty of using aftermarket parts to complete the repairs. If you've been in an accident and want to ensure the integrity of the car repair, schedule a post-accident repair appointment today. 

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