Post-Accident Repair Inspection

If you have already had your vehicle repaired elsewhere, particularly with an insurance recommended direct repair facility, it is wise to request a post-accident repair inspection.  Such an inspection can reveal if the parts and work performed have left your vehicle structurally sound.  In many cases, consumers discover that it was not OEM parts, but rather less than desirable aftermarket parts that were used to complete the repairs.

As Louisiana’s only Wreck Check Car Scan center, Medines Collision Center is a perfect choice to perform your post-accident repair inspection.  Not only do we have the equipment to thoroughly examine your vehicle post-repair, we are in no way affiliated with any insurance provider, meaning that we only answer to you – our customers!

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What is a Post-Repair Inspection?

A post-repair inspection is an evaluation done by a third-party expert.  The sole purpose of this examination is to determine the quality of the repairs that were done after your accident.  During this inspection it will be determined that manufacturer guidelines were followed, and that it has been restored to pre-accident safety standards and will perform as intended. 

Does a Post-Repair Inspection Impact Diminished Value?

The difference between what your car was worth before an accident and its market value after being repaired is known as diminished value.  A post-repair inspection is a key step to recouping this loss in value from an insurance company.  It serves as an appraisal of the diminished value that you are owed due to the loss of the resale that you would have lost if the accident never occurred. 

Why Do Direct Repair Facilities Make a Post-Accident Inspection So Important?

Because insurance companies attempt to assert so much influence over where you should bring your vehicle for repair, it’s common for these recommended shops to turnover a volume of repairs at the expense of quality.  This is why selecting an independent shop is essential in your repair process.  However, if you did opt for your or their insurance company’s suggestion, a post-accident repair inspection by a third-party is critical.  From the quality of the work done to the parts that were used, a direct repair facility may not provide what you actually need.  It’s typical to find corners that are cut and craftsmanship that is lacking as a result of service from these shops.  This inspection can save you a lot more than money.

Can a Post-Repair Inspection Determine What Types of Parts Were Used?

OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, parts are more expensive to use in a repair.  However, they are what was originally used on your vehicle and provide a higher quality outcome during repair.  Many shops can save and make more money by using aftermarket parts during a repair.  A post-repair inspection can discover not only what types of parts were used, but also the quality of the parts and repair.  This can be a valuable piece of information when it comes to determining the diminished value of your vehicle and the safety of the repair.   

What is Wreck Check?

Wreck Check is a car scanning system that identifies improper and unsafe automobile repairs after an accident.  If your car was repaired after a collision, especially by a direct repair facility, have it inspected by a third-party that is a Wreck Check Car Scan Center is very important.  A Wreck Check Car Scan can help you determine exactly how well your car was repaired and what type of condition it is in.  It will determine the quality of the work done and the type of parts used. 

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75% of accident vehicles are improperly repaired by collision centers.  Many repair facilities are guilty of using aftermarket parts to complete the repairs. If you've been in an accident and want to ensure the integrity of the car repair, schedule a post-accident repair appointment today. 

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