Post-Accident Repair Inspection

If you have already had your vehicle repaired elsewhere, particularly with an insurance recommended direct repair facility, it is wise to request a post-accident repair inspection.  Such an inspection can reveal if the parts and work performed have left your vehicle structurally sound.  In many cases, consumers discover that it was not OEM parts, but rather less than desirable aftermarket parts that were used to complete the repairs.

As Louisiana’s only Wreck Check Car Scan center, Medines Collision Center is a perfect choice to perform your post-accident repair inspection.  Not only do we have the equipment to thoroughly examine your vehicle post-repair, we are in no way affiliated with any insurance provider, meaning that we only answer to you – our customers!

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Post-Accident Repair Appointment

75% of accident vehicles are improperly repaired by collision centers.  Many repair facilities are guilty of using aftermarket parts to complete the repairs. If you've been in an accident and want to ensure the integrity of the car repair, schedule a post-accident repair appointment today. 

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