The facts behind your car insurance premium

Posted by Chris Medine on Nov 5, 2015 10:42:00 AM

The Facts Behind Your Car Insurance PremiumsHave you ever wondered why your insurance premiums are so high? Have you ever talked to a friend in another part of the country about their premiums? It turns out that it takes a lot more than just a clean driving record to determine how much your car insurance will cost. We found this infographic on the facts behind your car insurance premium and just had to share it.

We all know that age, gender, and driving record play a part in determining your premium, but you may not know just how much deeper insurance companies dig in determining what it will cost to keep you covered. For example, did you know that population density, make and model of vehicle, and what’s in proximity to where you live all find their way into the equation? Check out this infographic we found at infographic world. They pull back the curtain on some of the unseen factors, as well as some of the myths, on what determines your insurance premiums. They also offer up a few tips on reducing those premiums.

How Your Home and Car Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums

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