The Power of Choice After an Auto Accident

Posted by Chris Medine on Oct 26, 2017 1:19:38 PM

Right to Choose a Collision Center in Baton RougeThere are few events that can leave you feeling as out-of-control as an auto accident.  Whether yours is the only vehicle involved or there are multiple cars, wrecks come out of nowhere and can take weeks or months to sort out.  Your car may no longer be drivable, and you could sustain injuries.  All of this occurring in a matter of seconds, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable.  However, in this time when so little is within your control, it is important to take full advantage of the decisions that are.


Where Will Your Vehicle be Towed after a Wreck?

While your head is still spinning, and adrenaline still pumping, you find yourself exchanging insurance information and giving written statements to a police officer.  You may have the presence of mind to snap pictures of the damage and grab some things out of your vehicle before it is towed away.  But, have you given thought to where it’s being towed? 

The choice of who will tow your vehicle and to where is entirely up to you, and you should let the responding officer know this information as soon as possible.  If you know the collision center that you would like to perform repairs, request that it be towed there directly and save yourself the time and hassle of having it moved later on. 

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Which Collision Center Should Repair Your Vehicle?

While determining the who and where of having your car towed is important, the most crucial decision you will make immediately following your accident is where to have it repaired.  Your insurance company will make a recommendation for a body shop and may even offer to set up an appointment for you if your car is drivable.  While you can certainly get an estimate from this shop and even use them for repairs if you so wish, you are not obligated to do so.  You will likely be told that the process of repairing your car will be faster and smoother if you use this preferred collision center, saving yourself both time and frustration.  But, in this situation, faster does not equate to better.

Relationships between insurance companies and body shops rarely benefit the consumer.  To keep costs low, aftermarket or recycled parts may be used when original manufacturer parts are available, and repairs may be rushed and ill-performed for the sake of time.  When selecting an independent collision center such as Medines, you are given just as much knowledge and power regarding your repairs as your insurer, if not more.  You’ll know precisely what needs to be done and which parts will be used to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

After an auto accident, when it feels as though you have no control, focus on the important factors that you can dictate.  You couldn’t choose to avoid your wreck, but you can choose who takes care of your vehicle afterwards.  And, the power of that decision can ensure that you get back on the road in a car that is both safe and expertly repaired.

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