4 Important Questions For A Baton Rouge Auto Body Shop

Posted by Chris Medine on Jul 21, 2016 12:05:05 PM

shutterstock_42686731.jpgYour vehicle is more than just a large investment and how you get from point A to point B. It is the life blood that connects you to all points in your daily life. Whether you’re getting the kids to and from school, to and from practice, getting to the grocery store, an appointment, or your daily commute; without your car, your life grinds to a halt. Just as important is getting there comfortably. When you are in an accident, you want to be just as comfortable in your vehicle afterwards as you were before it happened.



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That means putting your faith in a body shop to fully restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. You can’t just choose any shop to get this done. That is why we have compiled a list of 4 important questions for a Baton Rouge auto body shop.

Do they use original equipment manufacturer parts?

This is one of the most important parts of the auto repair process. OEM parts were made by the manufacturer specifically for your make and model car. They are a higher quality and fit seamlessly in repair.

Is the shop a Direct Repair Shop?

Insurance companies are notorious for trying to steer their customers to direct repair shops. Beware of this! A direct repair shop works for the insurance company, which subsequently means they are not working for you. The reason insurance companies do this is because these shops use aftermarket parts. An aftermarket part is like an OEM part, but slightly different. OEM parts are often patented, which means they can’t be exactly duplicated. That means the aftermarket part will not be an exact fit. They are also usually made from cheaper materials, which means they are cheaper for both the shop and for the insurance company. But, as the customer, you suffer from that lack of quality as they can lead to further damage in the future, and they are generally less safe should you get in another accident.

What are the shop’s qualifications?

Sometimes it can be difficult to ask a professional if they know what they’re doing. Do it anyway. A qualified shop, like Medine’s, won’t hesitate to answer questions about qualifications. Will your vehicle be repaired by certified technicians? You don’t just want the job done, you want it done right. It is important to know if, for example, the technicians are ASE or I-Car certified. Keeping with this topic, it is a good idea to see what others have said about the shop. Read reviews and testimonials. If they have done right by others, you can feel more assured that they will do right by you as well.

What about your warranty?

Insurance companies will often try to convince their customers that if they opt for a shop that is not part of their direct repair network, it will void the warranty. This is a common misconception. In fact, it is up to the repair facility to stand by their work. This is why at Medines we back up our work with a lifetime written warranty for body work, a written warranty for refinish work, and a written warranty for corrosion protection.

An accident, even when no one is hurt, is disruptive enough to your daily routine. If you don’t choose your auto body shop wisely, you could easily end up having to take your car back in for further repairs. That only disrupts your life further, which is why it is important to ask questions ahead of time.



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