Baton Rouge Body Shop Shares: Secrets to great communication with your mechanic

Posted by Chris Medine on Mar 17, 2016 1:08:37 PM

How To Communicate With Your MechanicEffective communication is the key to getting what you want and what you need in almost every facet of life. That is true when it comes to your automotive repairs as well. When it comes to a problem with your car, getting the job done right, often starts with good communication. Communication gets easier the more we know someone, and while we pride ourselves on personal relationships; we want to avoid any gaps in communication as those relationships develop. To help with that, we have come up with four secrets to great communication with your mechanic.

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Be respectful.

This should be the basis for communicating with anyone, but we include it here because simply needing the services of a body shop is a stressful time. You are without your vehicle, and are either in an unfamiliar rental or relying on others to get around. Add to that, you have recently been in an accident which can shake just about anyone up. Also, if you have already been to a different shop that did a subpar job on your repairs, you are likely worrying about insurance issues, paying for the repairs, and just getting your life back to where you were before the accident. It is important to remember that we want the same thing you want. Namely, we want to see you back in your car in perfect working order. If you have already been somewhere else, especially somewhere the insurance company sent you, we understand that can double down on the frustration because to you, this should’ve been done right the first time. We know. We understand. We have seen it countless times, and we know how to make it right

Explaining your symptoms is as good as knowing your problem.

Is there a whistle, a drip, a click, a knock, a rattle that you notice? Effectively communicating your problem starts with you telling us what’s going on in your terms. Namely, what you experience when you drive. That is our starting point to further diagnose the issue. Do not be embarrassed by any lack of technical jargon, that’s our job, not yours. If you have been to another shop where the mechanic flies through terminology that you don’t understand, that is a red flag that you are likely about to be charged for something you don’t need.

Understand that what you explain is just the starting point.

Whether you have found us for a post-accident repair inspection, or we were your first choice after an accident, the unseen damage can be the worst. In the event of a post-accident repair inspection, we will often find problems that weren’t visible to the naked eye, and probably didn’t exhibit any outward symptoms. But, if you were to be in another accident, corners cut by another shop could lead to more extensive damage and possibly injury. Since we don’t answer to an insurance company, your safety is our top priority. That means being thorough, and it often means finding something another shop might have missed.

Ask your mechanic questions. Lots of them. 

We want you to understand what exactly is going on with your car, and why it is being done. Direct Repair Collision Centers don’t have to answer to you, because they answer to the insurance company. We answer to you. So if there is anything you don’t understand along the way about price, necessity, or anything, just ask and we will explain it. If you still don’t understand, ask again and we’ll find another way to explain it.

As we said at the outset, the best way to get what you need is to effectively communicate what’s wrong. That is what we’re here for; is to listen, to understand, and to fix it. If your nerves are still rattled from your accident, or your trust is shaken from someone else’s work that isn’t up to your standards, just talk to us. We can’t get to work for you until you do.

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