Baton Rouge Body Shop Explains: Video Shows The Danger Of Aftermarket Parts

Posted by Chris Medine on May 26, 2017 9:04:28 AM

OEM vs aftermarket parts.pngAt Medine’s, we only use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts and in a perfect world, all collision centers would use them as well. But, to trim up front cost and curry favor with the insurance companies, some collision centers use either refurbished or aftermarket parts. The problem with aftermarket parts is that the OEM parts are patented and remaking them means they can’t meet the exact original specifications. This means aftermarket parts will never be an exact fit. This leaves open a number of possibilities, including how damage could be worse if the driver were to get in another accident. This video shows the danger of aftermarket parts.

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Video of OEM versus aftermarket parts in crash:


How aftermarket parts didn’t perform like OEM parts:

As you saw in the video, the blue car took less damage than the silver car. It is important to note right from the start that the crash in the video was very controlled. The speed at impact was under 10 miles per hour. This is important because, not only are collisions at that low rate of speed rare, but as speed increases so does the disparity in damage between OEM and aftermarket parts. In other words, the faster you are going, the worse the aftermarket parts will fare.

Also, as the video explained, in a crash that slow, there was no need for the airbag to deploy. That, coupled with more extensive damage to the aftermarket parts, means that any initial savings on those parts has been erased. Simultaneously, the safety of the passengers decreased.

This is just one example of how aftermarket parts are problematic. What’s more, as the owner of the vehicle, you have the right to demand OEM parts be used after an accident. If you have any questions about what your rights are after an accident, please call our team at Medine’s Collision Center and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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