Know Your Insurance Rights


  • An insurance policy is a legal contract between you, the vehicle owner, and the insurance company. This contract gives you specific rights and responsibilities.
  • Your insurance company must pay to restore your vehicle to the condition it was in just prior to a loss, or give you financial compensation in the amount of the actual cash value of the vehicle, whichever is less. This does not obligate you to have repairs made. You may choose to have some, all, or none of the necessary repair work completed.
  • By law, you have the right to choose where you want your vehicle repaired. If your insurance company tries to direct or force you to a specific repair facility, they are in violation of R.S. 222.
  • The insurance company may not control the prices charged by a licensed independent or dealership franchised repair facility. Per the "1963 Consent Decree" (a US District Court Judgment)
  • The insurance company does not have the authority to authorize repairs. Only the vehicle owner, or the owners authorized representative can authorize repairs. You, the vehicle owner, or your designated representative must authorize repairs before they commence.
  • You are not obligated to use the insurance company's "preferred shops"or "Direct Repair Programs". These arrangements by some insurance companies may result in a quicker repair, but they often require the shop to cut corners to maintain profitability and they are intended to cut the consumer from the repair process loop.
  • "Beware of "Direct Repair !!!"

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