How To Choose A Collision Center In Baton Rouge

Posted by Chris Medine on Jul 17, 2012 8:23:00 AM

Fender Bender Baton Rouge

After a fender bender, it's wise to make your choice for where you take your car for body repair. So, how do you know which body shop to choose?  

With hundreds of collision centers to choose from in the Baton Rouge area, making a choice during these stressful times can be overwhelming.  So, we wanted to provide you some quick tips on how to choose a collision center in Baton Rouge.  

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Who do you call first after an accident?

Usually one of the first things that happens after an auto accident is the process of making contact with your auto insurance provider. Although an insurance company may make some recommendations, drivers ultimately are responsible for selecting an auto body repair shop. Choosing a trustworthy and quality-oriented shop is very important for ensuring the best possible results. Drivers want their car repaired right the first time.  So your body shop selection in crucial to your car's proper repair.

Do your homework on your body shop.

One quick and easy way to ensure that the collision center you are considering is the right one for you is to check out the shop's qualifications.  You can usually do this online or by simply asking them over the phone. Are the technicians trained from a national organization such as the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) or National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification

Getting it right the first time.

Another key ingredient in choosing the right collision center for you is making sure your car is repaired right the first time.  According to the wreck check car scan center website, 75% of collision repaired vehicles are improperly repaired! With this staggering statistic, you may want to ensure that the collision center in Baton Rouge that you are choosing is a certified wreck check car scan center. At Medines Collision Center, we are the only collision center in Baton Rouge that is a certified Wreck Check Car Scan Center.  

Make sure your shop can help with getting a rental car.

Another helpful service is when the collision center helps with finding a rental car arrangement. Depending on many factors, your car can be in the shop for two weeks or more, so a rental car is almost a necessity. At Medines Collision Center, we act as your accident advisors, and we will provide extra services to ensure that you are not left without options after the stressful experience of an auto accident. 

Get a quote in writing.

Another helpful tip is to ask for a quote or estimate in writing. Get a written repair and price estimate of the work to be performed, as well as an explanation of why specific recommendations are necessary to correct the collision damage, before the job begins. This will allow both you and the collision center to be on the same page.

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