What is a DRP Auto Body Shop?

Posted by Chris Medine on Oct 17, 2019 11:45:00 AM

DRP ShopsDirect repair programs (DRPs), are auto body shops that are aligned with insurance companies.  These shops are given a specific standard set by insurance companies for pricing reasons.  The insurance company may pay for specific repairs at a DRP, while leaving you unaware that the replacement parts are probably fractions cheaper than what was originally on your vehicle.  This can lead to possible safety issues and may even lower the value of your vehicle.


Insurance Steering

After you get into an accident, always remember that it is your decision to choose where to get your car repaired.  DRPs are simply in place because insurance companies want you to think they are saving you time and money by finding a “reliable” body shop.  This doesn’t mean all DRPs are terrible body shops, but before you pick somewhere to replace parts on your vehicle, it is important to research and choose a shop proven to be trustworthy and to provide quality repairs.   More often than not, the resulting choice based on these criteria will be a non-DRP body shop like Medines.

DRPs Diminish Value, while Risking Lives

One of the biggest issues surround the work of DRP shops is that they often use aftermarket partsUnlike original manufacturer (OEM) parts, these parts are mass produced to work on a variety of vehicles.  As a result, they tend to be of lower quality and rarely fit as well as they should.  This can be a serious safety issue in the case of a future car accident. 

Regardless of which shop you choose, check your policy and demand OEM parts whenever possible.  Remember that the insurance company is a business, trying to make money, and the choices they make will typically be in their own best interest rather than yours.

The Medines Advantage

Medines does not participate in any DRP.  We are a family-owned body shop focusing more on our customers’ satisfaction than the satisfaction of an insurance company.  We listen to our customers to make sure we know exactly what they want and ensure quality parts and service are provided every time.  We are straightforward with our repair process and guarantee lifetime warranties on our work.  While a repair estimate from a DRP shop may be lower, it is most often due to cost-cutting initiatives that can threaten both safety and quality. If you have questions on why two estimates are different, please ask us.  If you wish, you can let us help you negotiate a claim with the insurance company.

Don’t let the insurance companies boss you around.  Know your rights and information about DRPs before making a decision.   In the unfortunate case that you get into an accident, make the right choice to ensure your vehicle gets repaired properly every time.  Restore value to your car, and have peace of mind knowing you made the right decision by choosing Medines.

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